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Welcome to Your Business Lounge, where we don't just talk the talk, we unapologetically walk the walk. We're all about cutting through the bullshit and giving you the tools, strategies and mindset to get shit done and grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.


meet your rebel - tori hall

Tori, owner and founder is on a mission to help businesses hit their goals and dream bigger than have dared to in the past! Tori faced her fair share of challenges early on. The academic system failed to see her potential and her creative thinking process, leaving her to leave school without the conventional GCSEs that society deems necessary for success. When the pandemic hit, she hit a wall. Mortgage holidays where her lifeline and the options where to sink or swim... Tori of course chose to dive in head first!

She found her inner fire. The setbacks where the fuel, pushing her towards a new purpose. She was frustrated by the lack of accessible resources for those facing the same struggles - wanting to set up their own businesses to pay their mortgages and feed their families. Tori thought "Screw it, I'm gonna be the change I need to see!"

Tori's mission is no gloss. She refuses to sugar coat her journey or present a glossy show. She knows the challenges of starting from scratch, and she's committed to being the mentor she wished she'd had. Tori saw the fancy stories thrown out into the online coaching world—a sea of shiny messages masking the raw reality. She is working towards breaking this cycle of dishonesty and create a more go getting, hustling era of business women!

Your Business Lounge isn't about privilege, it's about hustle, heart, and helping others rise.

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